Jordan Spieth criticizes Tiger Woods for making winning look too easy

The determination Jordan Spieth displayed to take home the Claret Jug was probably the most exciting Sunday in golf we’ve seen in a while.

Of course, even with his stellar performance, there will always be critics at the finish line waiting to make comparisons. With Spieth joining Jack Nicklaus in the history books, you would think the comparison would be to him, but it always comes back to Tiger Woods.

Woods congratulated Spieth on Twitter:

This time around though, it wasn’t a critic that made the comparison, but Spieth himself. “I’ve been on these roller coasters before, it’s just kind of how it works,” Spieth told CNN’s Alex Thomas after winning The Open at Royal Birkdale.

“We had one guy come in and make it look extremely easy and that’s Tiger Woods. I wouldn’t expect that from other people and it’s almost unfair that he made it look so easy, it’s almost unfair to us because it’s just not.”

The show Spieth put on against Matt Kuchar clearly showed that he was putting every effort into winning this Major. Even though he started with some bogeys, he did everything in his power to get right back in it.

This might even explain the 20-minute delay after his wayward drive. Jordan Spieth puts everything he has into every shot he makes, that much is known. Timing is a component of golf, but when the rules get fuzzy and the conditions are impossible, a professional golfer will take their time to make the shot they need to win. Passion doesn’t revolve around a clock.

Whether this was fair to his competitor Matt Kuchar, is another story. But in the end, Spieth did what he needed to do to make sure there wasn’t a snowman on his scorecard and ultimately won him his third Major.

There is always going to be controversy when it comes to golf because almost everything is situational. But one thing is for sure, winning isn’t easy. Tiger Woods made it look that way because he was winning almost every tournament he played in.

Jordan Spieth said that Tiger Woods’ accomplishments are unfair to the competitive field now, but is it? If Spieth was winning every tournament, would this comeback have been as substantial as it was? Yes, the fans yearn for excitement, but it’s the occasional gleam of glory that builds the army.

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