Bones on Michael Greller: “It was one of the most amazing things a caddie has ever done”

While some thought Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay’s debut on the mic was lack luster, his opinion on Jordan Spieth’s caddie is anything but. It’s a true case of, it takes one to know one.

Bones, formerly Phil Mickelson’s caddie for over 20 years, felt the need to comment on an action that Michael Greller, Spieth’s caddie, had accomplished. The 13th hole at Royal Birkdale was a turning point for Spieth’s victory, but he couldn’t have done it without his looper.

After a wayward drive and a drop, Spieth had Greller climb the dune that was in front of him, tell him the yardage from his ball to the hole and give him what he thought was the correct line. That’s a lot riding on one person, even if he isn’t the one making the shot.

“You could make the argument that was the most critical yardage ever given to a player in the history of golf,” Bones said.

“Jordan is off the grid there, and Michael, once they found the ball, had to go to the top of the dune, he’s got to eyeball it back to the ball, he’s got to eyeball it toward the green, add it up, and give it to his man with hopefully the right line. If he gets that wrong, and the ball goes into a bunker or into a gorse bush, they are in a lot of trouble.

“What Michael did there, in his little piece, because obviously he’s not hitting the shot, is one of the most amazing things a caddie has ever done.”

That is extremely high praise from a fellow caddie, especially one as accomplished as Bones. You have to wonder about the critics like Skip Bayless, who say that Jordan relied too heavily on his caddie. But isn’t that what they are there for? To assist the golfer in difficult situations they find themselves on the course?

Thankfully for Jordan Spieth, him and his caddie have an extremely close relationship, just as Phil and Bones did. Their ability to work seamlessly together and have the determination to do anything in BOTH of their powers to get the shot right, will definitely help Spieth win more majors in the future. Although golf is thought of as an individual sport, teamwork will always make the dream work.

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