Jordan Spieth and the craziest things pros have put in the Claret Jug

Holding the claret jug is like “holding a new born baby” says the games great, Jack Nicklaus. Well after his three shot victory at Royal Birkdale, Jordan Spieth picked it up with both hands and chugged the taste of sweet, sweet victory.

How’s it taste? “Fantastic!”

Not much time has passed since Spieth trickled in a par putt on the 18th hole to record his third career Major victory, overcoming his inner-demons on Sunday, before he was caught sipping from the jug by Justin Thomas broadcasting it to fans everywhere through Snapchat.

This wasn’t a new feeling to Spieth, making his fourth appearance in the Open championship, after narrowly missing out on a playoff place at St. Andrews in 2015, he shared a flight back to the States with Zach Johnson and drank out the trophy at 39,000 feet.

Source; Sporting News

After, having a bitter-sweet taste in ’15, it is clear to see Jordan making the most of being ‘Champion Golfer of the Year’, only four days into the new role:

Spieth’s Claret Jug adventure


Sunday 23rd July, 6:38 pm (EST):  Crowned the champ and making a small fan’s dream come true. Nice touch from Jordan Spieth.

Source: Getty Images

7:34 pm (EST): An hour into Jordan’s reign as The 146th Open champion and the boys already had their eyes on the prize.

10:04 pm (EST): The celebrations begin and Spieth breaks the seal of drinking from his prized possession.

Source: Justin Thomas (Snapchat)


Monday 24th July, 2:52 am (EST): The hero heading home. A golf bag and the claret jug, that’s light-packing.

Tuesday 25th July, 5 am: A hero’s welcome in Dallas with the Spieth family and Mikey!

Spieth (23), now the youngest man to win The Open since Seve Ballesteros (22) in 1979, even had time to crash a Randy Roger and Wade Bowen “Hold My Beer And Watch This” gig at the House of Blues in Texas. According to various reports on the night and, it was Shiner Bock beer inside the jug.

We can already tell that he’s going to be a great Open champion!

Jordan Spieth is already making the most of the claret jug and his year as ‘Champion Golfer’, but past Open winners have been just as keen to wet their lips from the jug.

The trophy dates back to 1873  and since 1927  winners can keep the full-size scale for a year before trading it for a smaller-version to keep. Tiger Woods went on to keep his on the mantel and often drank from it, but here are the best cocktails previous winners have owned up to:

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