The 20 best golf courses in Canada that will make you want to travel North

A pair of courses on the coast of Cape Breton island have reinvigorated interest in the best golf courses in Canada.

Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links have not only rocketed up every ranking of Canada’s best, but they have brought some much-needed attention to the fine tracks north of the border.

Let’s remember, that while Canada’s topography may not be as varied as the United States, nor its climate as conducive to golf, it’s a far larger land mass with both incredible coastline and spectacular sites in the Canadian Rockies. Add to this some excellent courses by famed architects around the major urban areas, and Canada’s top courses are among the best in the world.

Another element: The comparatively large amount of media attention on U.S venues and the PGA Tour’s presence at courses in the States skews public perception. How could Canada’s courses be that great if we never hear about them in the United States, some might ask. Well, it isn’t the fault of these fine courses that we don’t hear more about them, and it’s high time we do.

Here are our top 20 courses in Canada using CLICKON’s “secret sauce” formula:

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