Meet Troy Mullins: The lady who can out drive most men

As entertaining as Maurice Allen was this past weekend, he may have overshadowed the women’s side of the Mile High Showdown. Which featured the record for the longest drive by a woman in the World Long Drive tour’s history and an action-packed finish. 

Troy Mullin won the women’s side of the Mile High Showdown and did it in style. She needed a 363-yard drive to beat Phillis Meti in the final round. The pressure was mounting as the clock ticked away, down to her last 30 seconds.

Mullins may have not had the same (Ric) Flair to her win, but her yardages were jaw-dropping. Mullins has a swing that the announcer’s said “could be on Tour” today.

Check out the amount of torque Mullins generates during her swing. Not only the torque but the ability to keep her head still, over top of the ball, during a lengthy takeaway is what makes this a quality stroke.

If you feel pretty emasculated that Mullins’ ball would spit on yours as it flew by, then you’re going to really not like the story behind the WLDA Tour’s newest winner. Mullins is a self-taught golfer who didn’t start this career until after her days at Cornell University. After college she taught herself to become a one-handicap and placed second in her first long-drive competition in 2012…with a normal shafted club (not one made for long-drive competitions).

Even though Mullins won the Showdown, she was not the one to set the record for the longest drive for a woman in the tour’s history. That drive came off the club face of Phillis Meti, who drove the ball an astounding 406 yards.

Meti had some of the longest drives in the competition, along with some of the best luck. Her record-breaking drive took an incredible bounce on a sprinkler head that propelled it at least 30-40 yards farther than the drive would have gone had it not ricocheted in such a way.

This is not the first time Meti has reached the 400-yard mark, her longest professional drive is recorded at 430 yards. There is a good chance you will hear about names like Mullins and Meti, as this branch of the sport continues to flourish.

Meet Troy Mullins, aka Trojan Goddess:

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