24 things Jordan Spieth tells his ball(s)

Most people reach their 24th birthday and wonder if they should be moving out of their parents house or starting their career. On the other hand, Jordan Spieth by the age of 24 has now made more money than most people will make in their lifetime. 

On July 27, 1993 Jordan Alexander Spieth was born not just into this world but to play golf. And perhaps be one of the best to ever play the game. Before he turned 24 Spieth has three major championships to his credit, including 11 tournament victories and one FedEx Cup. He could finish out this season with the career Grand Slam and a second FedEx Cup if he can keep the momentum he had from the Open Championship.

Aside from being a major champion, Spieth is a golf ball whisperer. He likes to let the ball what direction it should go what spin to have while in mid-air…almost like he is using the spin-indicator in an old Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game.

In celebration of Spieth’s 24th birthday, we decided to list 24 things Spieth would say to his ball mid-flight.

  1. Down ball!
  2. Ahhh, hate that…
  3. Go…go…go hard, dang it!
  4. Lucky, lucky, lucky…thank god
  5. Shocker…shocker…
  6. Oh my goodness was that thick…sit there!
  7. Jordan, what a huge mistake…and it hit a tree
  8. Hit it wind, just a little bit
  9. Really soft!
  10. Hit softly…oh no…
  11. Ah! Be long enough!
  12. Fore! Right!
  13. Go! Be enough!
  14. Oh, no
  15. Down! Sit down ball
  16. Go hard…Go hard
  17. Be enough, please just be enough
  18. Be good
  19. Bite…softly
  20. Hang on, hang on, hang on..stop
  21. Just get to the front and stay there
  22. Holy right….fore!
  23. Stay hot and stay dry
  24. Go get that!

That last one technically wasn’t him yelling at the ball, but he yelled to his caddie to go get the ball so we’ll let that slide. Plus, the pointing to the hole and telling Michael Greller to go get the ball may have been one of the more epic power moves of this generation of golf.

"Go get that"

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