10 Professional hockey players who are great at golf

Like most rich old men, professional athletes end up spending a fair amount of time on the fairways. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of hockey players who are great at golf.

In hockey, as in other sports, many current players hit the sunny expanses of the golf course during the off season. And of course, players are expected to run the gauntlet of charity tournaments, so golfing ability is a plus in the NHL.

In a sense, flying around on skates and bashing one another into the boards has little similarity with golf (not that adding checking to golf wouldn’t be great). However, the golf swing and the hockey shot have a lot in common, so it isn’t surprising that many greats of the game are also excellent on the fairways and greens.

Here’s a look at 10 stickhandlers, active and retired, who are likewise capable with a golf club in their hands.

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