Rickie Fowler is ushering in a new age of golf instruction

Imagine how much your game could improve if you received a private lesson from Rickie Fowler, or any one of golf’s elite players. And what if the lesson cost under $100? Even this writer would want a piece of that.¬†

Well that dream is becoming a reality…virtual reality. Fowler announced on his Instagram that he will be in a new series of virtual golf lessons through SuccessSeries.com.

The 28-year-old will be the first ambassador of the site and if the lessons are successful you could see more players gravitate towards this. Fowler already has three lessons available on the site, and two bonus videos also available in virtual reality.

Remember the part where the lessons were under $100? How would you feel if they were under $50 instead….in fact how about under $10? As shocking as it sounds, Fowler’s lessons only cost between $4.99-6.99. Talk about a hole-in-one (Happy Gilmore voice).

So what’s the catch? According to Success Series, their message is simple:

“SUCCESS SERIES¬†is the¬†first-of-its-kind¬†coaching and education series showcasing¬†champion athletes¬†and¬†world-class talent¬†and accessible on your smartphone, tablet and computer in¬†virtual reality¬†and 2D video.”

“Virtual reality¬†has unparalleled potential for applications in education, coaching and entertainment. SUCCESS SERIES, through its deep relationships in sports and entertainment, has gained exclusive access to world-class talent to give our global viewers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the very best. We are an industry disruptor leveraging VR technology that are changing the way people learn and how they access knowledge. SUCCESS SERIES is driven by a single mission ‚ÄĒ¬†How do we convey deep knowledge that brought immense success to top athletes and performers to billions of people globally?”

Is virtual reality the way of the future? Will older players like Jack Nicklaus take part in this method of training? You only have to spend seven bucks to find out….best of luck and hit em’ straight.

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