David Feherty’s son dies of overdose on his birthday

Trevor Woods

Some incredibly sad news has come to light today in the golf world. Golf is a game, and sometimes we can lose sight of the fact that commentators and players have a whole life off the course that can have turbulent times.

Hard days are what will be ahead for NBC Sports/Golf Channel commentator David Feherty. Feherty’s son, Shey, passed away from an overdose on his 29th birthday. Feherty shared the news on Twitter:

The Golf Channel released a statement supporting Mr. Feherty in his time of need:

Feherty has become one of the most entertaining, recognizable, poignant golf commentators of his era. He is known to ruffle some feathers, but has always gained respect from his peers in the process. Feherty himself has struggled with addiction in the past but has since overcome his previous battles.

His tweet stating he will fight on is a reflection of the battles he still faces, and the battle his son apparently lost. Let’s hope father Feherty continues his success in his battle against addiction.

No matter what someone thinks of a given commentator, golfer, or celebrity, in times like this the apparent goodness in humanity as a whole is at the forefront and evident. When a tragic death like this affects a family, and a father, collectively a mass amount of hearts sink and feel for David Feherty and his family, because we either know exactly what they are going through, or cannot fathom it. Far too many lives are lost in the 21st century because of addiction and overdoses, far too many millennials die before their time should be up.

Feherty has four other children besides the one he has now lost, but Shey Feherty can never be replaced, there will always be a void that cannot be filled by his passing. We at CLICKON send our deepest condolences to Mr. Feherty and his family. Fight on, always.

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