Off to a flying start: football’s greatest debut goals

Entering yourself into football folklore is never easy, and more often than not you need to do something fairly incredible in order to do it. As such, scoring a wonder goal on your debut is going to get you some recognition – and these lot sent the sporting world into meltdown when their time to shine came.

A few of these gents can be described as ‘flash in the pans’ so to speak, but for the majority, they’ve gone on to have long and successful careers that prove a first impression isn’t always that deceiving.

The circumstances behind the goals and incredibly important, too, because you’re likely to make more headlines if you’re playing in a game with bigger stakes. So then, with that in mind, it’s time for us all to get incredibly jealous and think about what went wrong in our own lives compared to these lucky sods.

We don’t know whether or not these players will sit back in years to come and reminisce about the fateful goals in question, but what we do know is that their ‘moments in time’ will be burned into the memory of fans all around the world for quite some time.

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