The decided debate: Which American sport is the most popular

Over in North America things are a little bit different when it comes to the best sports across the continent, with the likes of soccer and rugby being replaced with basketball and baseball among others. This, of course, begs the question as to which form of athletic competition reigns supreme across the pond.

A while back we did a poll on our official Twitter account sighting this very query and whilst it may not be 100% accurate, we’re going to analyse the results and run down why we think that they’re pretty solid. Yes, we know that there’s a tie in there, and we’re going to settle which sport we think comes away with the wooden spoon.

4) Ice hockey

Call us crazy, but being able to actually see the puck in a standard game of ice hockey is a tricky thing to do. Aside from that the greatest show on ice is often considered to be the sport that is catered towards those of us who like a good old scrap, meaning that there isn’t quite as much skill involved as they’d have you believe.

You still have to be immensely talented in certain departments and the action is certainly fast paced, but at the end of the day Americans don’t care nearly as much about this kind of thing compared to the Canadians. Perhaps that’s a bit stereotypical, but perhaps it’s just accurate.

3) Baseball

The popularity of baseball and the historic roots behind it have allowed the sport to take the bronze medal, because in terms of actual entertainment there isn’t a whole lot on display here. It’s a tactics driven game and whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, people came to see some home runs being hit into the streets.

We can appreciate that baseball is embedded into American sporting history, but now that the Cubs have finally captured a World Series there aren’t too many ongoing storylines that are going to create a buzz amongst casual fans. That isn’t a criticism either, it’s just the truth.

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2) Basketball

Logically speaking there’s nothing wrong with basketball, and there’s a reason why it was able to overtake 3rd and 4th in the poll. Alongside the college version of the sport there is an element of last minute drama that has been featured in pop culture for years, perhaps even more than the NFL.

Whilst the play-off format is convoluted and the players are paid way too much in the minds of many, there tend to be more superstars and household names in the NBA than in the majority of other associations. You may not like it, but hitting a buzzer beater is about as poetic as things get.

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1) American football

With 19 of the 38 votes cast here, is it any surprise that the gridiron takes home the gold? The short and concise nature of the regular season in addition to the larger than life players makes American football the clear winner, with a set foundation in place that will continue on throughout the next few decades at least.

Football is a sport that is drilled into the minds of children over in the States more so than any other, with their play-off format, in particular, being as unique as it is special. Every sporting calendar is headlined by the Super Bowl, and that’s the way it should always be.

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