F1 feud involving Magnussen rumbles on as Hulkenberg responds hilariously

Josh Challies

Formula 1 is usually a sport for gentleman and the drivers usually behave themselves. This season it seems that’s not the case, though, as Nico Hulkenburg’s feud with Kevin Magnussen continues.

Danish driver Magnussen was clearly unhappy with Hulkenberg interrupting a TV interview, after the Renault driver criticised his Haas counterpart for ‘unsporting’ behaviour on the track, to which Magnussen replied with a rather childish comment.

The 24-year-old Dane told Hulkenberg ‘suck my balls’, a quote that has gone down very well in Denmark as fans have started selling t-shirts with the comment on them. However, Hulkenberg’s team have hit back.

On his test car in the Netherlands, it’s been revealed that the Renault team have plastered a picture of Magnussen’s face to the seat of Hulkenburg’s car- which means that the 29-year-old German will be resting his genitals on the face of his rival.

Shared by Indycar driver Robert Doornboss on Twitter, it seems the Formula 1 pair are not putting their clash behind them and fans will be hoping for further excitement later this month when the summer break ends with the Belgian Grand Prix.

With Hulkenberg sparking the vulgar comment from Magnussen by telling the Danish driver he was once again ‘the most unsporting driver on the grid’, it seems unlikely that the feud between the pair will end anytime soon and even if things do cool off, a single spark could reignite the clash further down the line.

As it stands, Hulkenberg currently has the advantage in the driver standings with 26 points, handing him a 15-point edge over Magnussen; who has not scored any points since finishing seventh in Azerbaijan. Hulkenberg, meanwhile, last scored in the British Grand Prix after a sixth-placed finish.

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