The PGA Championship will no longer be the last major

Trevor Woods

August signals the beginning of the end of summer, and starting in 2019, the end of majors in August will occur. The PGA Championship is moving to May.

There were a variety of factors for the move, including having to shift the event every four years to accommodate the Summer Olympics, now that will no longer be an issue.

The PGA Championship will now transpire the week before Memorial Day, making it the second major of the season. That is not the only event being moved around, as the Players Championship will be contested in March.

There are a variety of reasons that they put these two events earlier in the season, and they’re highly logical moves that appear to be supported by most of the players on tour.

Reasons the PGA Championship in May is a good idea:

  • It will bring more attention to the Fed-Ex Cup Playoffs, which occur at the end of August until the end of September
  • The Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup are both in September, fans will be looking forward to those more
  • The PGA Championship occurring earlier in the year will open it up to hosting events in states that are too hot in August, such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona (to name a few)
  • The NFL preseason starts at the beginning of August, and the MLB playoff race is starting to gain traction as well, which has viewers more concerned about those sports than golf

What do the players think?

Phil Mickelson- “I think it will be a really good thing for the PGA because it would be earlier on in the rotation when there is maybe more excitement for the majors. We get to August, and that excitement kind of dwindles a little. It’s at a time of year where golf seems to linger on, so maybe there will be more energy behind the PGA earlier in the year”

Rickie Fowler- “From a scheduling standpoint, it might be a lot better for us to have an actual off-season like every other sport. The schedule will be more uniform from March to August as far as big events, which will probably be a good thing.”

Zach Johnson- “It does help us. I think it makes our schedule much more seamless. I think it will be better all around.”

Jimmy Walker- “Does it really matter what month they have a major? We’re all going to show up.”

In 2019 the PGA Championship will be held at Bethpage Back in Long Island, New York. Some are concerned that the weather may be too cold to hold events in May in the Northeast, only time will tell if that is a valid concern. Whether these changes were warranted or not, they are happening, and the golf schedule could wind up being more entertaining because of the change.

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