Justin Bieber Makes Surprise Appearance at PGA Championship

Justin Bieber has some free time on his hands now that he’s fresh off the cancellation of his upcoming world tour, so much so that he appeared…at a golf course?

It’s true. Justin Bieber showed up for Tuesday’s PGA Championship practice round in Charlotte, North Carolina. Word is Biebs has some history on the golf course – just two months ago, he put a golf ball in his mouth and told Ed Sheeran to hit it out. The two had just visited a bar in Tokyo, so you can imagine how this ended. Yeah… wedge to the face.

Then there’s the time in 2015 where TMZ caught Bieber trying over and over to make contact with the ball. The headline: “Justin Bieber Pulls a Tiger Woods….Chokes On Golf Course.” Ouch.

But this time, Bieber just casually showed up at Quail Hollow, hanging out with buddy Bubba Watson who once gave the young star advice on how to deal with success. “Crazy story, I have a friend, a pastor up in Seattle, Judah Smith, and I helped start a little church at the Montage every Wednesday night, and so I’d kind of run into Bieber through Judah Smith,” Watson said in a 2015 interview.

“We just started talking, just trying to help him… We all have issues we’re going through… and I tried to give him guidance… on how to deal with success.”

Bieber walked the course alongside Watson and his playing partners Wesley Bryan and Kevin Na. We’re not sure how much golf was actually played in the group.

We are all Kevin Na.

Bieber also stopped by to chat with Ernie Johnson and the TNT broadcast crew.

Justin Bieber’s appearance at a golf event is equivalent to Niall Horan caddying for Rory McIlroy at the Masters Par 3 contest or Steph Curry playing in a Web.com Tour event. Golf needs all of the attention it can get, and when celebrities and other athletes show up at events, it’s just another way to grow the game.

So even if you’re not a Justin Bieber fan, you should be glad he’s here.

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