The Worst Shots of All-Time from the PGA Championship

On Tuesday, we presented the best shots in PGA Championship history. Now, it’s time for the cringe-worthy shots – an entertaining selection of whiffs and hooks to give you a laugh.

There will certainly be omissions, because of the inability to access thousands of bad golf clips. There are countless social media accounts related to best shots, but none on worst shots. We’re doing this wrong people. We want to laugh at putrid shots by professionals to make us scratch golfers feel better!

“Not very hospitable…”

Matt Jones is back.

After promising his pick in this list, one day removed from landing on the best shots article at the same hole in 2015. Before pulling off a unique shot from the carpet of a hospitality tent, Jones first sailed his tee shot on the par 3 to disrupt spectators’ lunch.

The commentary was outstanding, especially David Feherty’s clever observation.

Sergio vs. bunker

 Meltdowns make horrendous shots that much more laughable. Especially when it’s Sergio.

We could’ve chosen from several Garcia duffs to compile this list, but settled on a 2010 bunker shot. (It’s the first shot in this video countdown.)

Also love the Sky Sports crew not holding back their laughter. The second highlight in this video package also occurred at a PGA Championship in his rookie season. It all comes full circle.

Never change, Niño.

That’s rough

The Phil Mickelson portion of our countdown begins now, first a shot from a few years back.

He’s 6-over at this point in the tournament, and Lefty’s day grows worse as his iron finds more grass than ball from the right rough. Kudos to the video creator for giving us three looks at it. (First highlight in the video.)

We’re not done with Phil.

No cars were harmed in the making of this shot

This was the start of Mickelson’s second round of last year’s PGA Championship, which ultimately resulted in a triple bogey on the first hole.

Arguably the worst shot of Mickelson’s career.


“That’s the way I go home.” Solid line.

Tom Kite

In 1992, Kite gave us not only the worst PGA Championship shot of all-time but also one of the biggest follies in golf.

He literally could’ve killed someone. It was too fast for anyone to yell FORE! but that’s still an issue on Tour to this day. On another note, it should also be a crime to wear glasses like that.

But seriously, I hope we never see something like that again. Thankfully, we’ve moved away from the ole’ wooden drivers.

There’s also a lesson to be learned here, kids. When a golfer or caddie tells you to move, you move out of the ball’s flight path. Even if you’re casually strolling where what feels like far from danger, be alert. Anything can happen in this funny game called golf.

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