The Ten Strangest Accounts Top Footballers Follow

Ben Mountain

Twitter can be a pretty strange place; the footballing world is no exception.

On Twitter we can opt to be one of two things. The first of these is – shockingly – ourselves. Not that anyone picks that one.

The second is to create an image of ourselves as bigger, better and smarter. The accounts we follow, things we re-tweet and even tweet ourselves all build up a new, online image for us to adopt.

Footballers know this better than most.

We’ve all seen the articles that break down with excitement over so-and-so following so-and-so and then liking X club’s tweet. It’s almost a certainty that footballers know their every move is being tracked.

But what about the ones that get away? What about when a footballer drops his guard for just a split second and chooses to follow a slightly more questionable account?

Like when your Dad got Facebook and hit ‘like’ on some weird Chaka Khan appreciation society before sharing it with the world.

We’ve had a look. And some of these footballers must have some truly bizarre stuff on their feeds.

Sadly, however, no Chaka Khan:

So, there you have the deepest and darkest secrets of the footballing world.

Who would have guessed some of the odd-ball accounts this lot follow? Given the scrutiny they’re under, you’d think they’d be a touch more careful.

Luis Suarez and Ricky Martin… now that’s a weird thought to leave you with.

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