Sights and sounds of Wednesday’s practice round at the PGA Championship

The PGA Championship should be deemed the progressive major championship. This is the one major where players are allowed to wear shorts during a practice around and deploy their own version of baseball’s Home Run Derby – a long-drive competition on the 10th hole at Quail Hollow.

These practice rounds show off what’s to come with players showing off their skills, while also having fun and enjoying golf like the rest of us do.

Rory’s Roaring Power

Rory McIlroy was one of the participants in Tuesday’s long-drive contest, placing in fifth with a 313-yard drive. Jason Kokrak won the event with his 321-yard drive.

👀@rorymcilroy's drive in slo-mo

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But that event wasn’t enough for McIlroy, so he decided to display his power on the range Wednesday when he deposited balls over the range facility and into the woods. You can tell McIlroy is very comfortable at Quail Hallow this

You can tell McIlroy is very comfortable at Quail Hollow this week and for good reason. He set the course record of 62 in 2011 only to beat his own record in 2015 with a 61.

Daly Playing in the Sand

Former PGA Championship winner John Daly showed off an interesting bunker-shot routine…almost as interesting as his choice of pants.

The amount of touch @pga_johndaly has with JUST his left hand is incredible. 😱

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Daly, the 1991 winner of the event, has some impressive touch with just one hand! Most people take three shots to get out the bunker using two hands (or they just pick up their ball and toss it up to the rough in rage).


Does anyone remember ‘Tebowing’ Or how about ‘Dufnering’? Both of these poses went viral not just on the PGA Tour but the sports world in general. Since the Open Championship, Jordan Spieth has introduced the newest pose: ‘Spiething’. It is the act of telling someone to “go get that.”

Look what @jordanspieth started 😏 #GoGetThat 👆🏼

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Spieth, ignited by his long birdie-putt at this year’s Open Championship, signaled to his Caddie Michael Greller to go get the ball from the cup. A preverbal mic-drop as Spieth exited the green. Since then people have been emulating the 24-year-old, we even saw Steph Curry,

Since then people have been emulating the 24-year-old, we even saw Steph Curry, a fellow Under Armor athlete, ‘Spiething’ during his Tour debut last week.

These practice rounds may be entertaining but the real excitement will come on Thursday afternoon as there will be a few great storylines to watch for: Will McIlroy dominate the course like he has done in the past? Will Spieth capture the Grand Slam, or will either Ernie Els or Phil Mickelson win in their 100th career Major tournament?

See you Thursday to find out.

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