Mr. Bean: The most outstanding appearance on Top Gear

There have been many adept drivers to grace the stage of the wonderfully British TV Show Top Gear, but none can hold a candle to the true master: Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean. The moniker alone is enough to inspire guffaws at the hands of a man who has more facial muscle control than most Scandinavian countries combined. The role that British actor Rowan Atkinson designed is arguably the source of his international fame – but how does Mr. Bean stack up out on the track?

One would be forgiven for assuming that the bumbling character traits that Atkinson so well portrayed on the screen translate into his capabilities to operate a vehicle at an exceptional level of performance – but they would be wrong. Rowan has long been known to be a car fanatic, owning several high-profile road vehicles in addition to competing in historic racing from time to time.

That involvement and expertise was put on display when Atkinson took out a reasonably-priced Kia out on the track for a spin – and contrary to what his Bean-like facial expressions might convey, the Brit shot up to the top of the time-charts, even beating out the previous record-holder John Bishop.

Atkinson’s love for cars could be seen on display throughout the years, as the star zipped around in everything from a McLaren F1 to a Mercedes Benz SLS. That love for all things fast and high-octane has certainly given Mr. Bean a proficiency for setting blistering lap-times around a circuit – even if it was in a KIA.

And while the make and model of the car he was in is nothing to write home about, the clean lines and near-perfect apex placement that Atkinson displayed out on the Top Gear track bear the mark of one who’s spent many hours perfecting his angle of attack out on various tracks.

Many stars may act a tough game with the luxury sports cars they buy, but Atkinson is one that has proved his capability to utilize the car’s as they are intended out on the tarmac.

It’s funny how it’s often the least assuming types who will come out on top, and Atkinson is a perfect example of that. The fact that he’s made his fortunes through portraying a character who appears to have the capabilities of a man-child makes his display of automotive prowess all the more perfect.

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