NBA’s Zach Randolph caught up in LA weed sting

NBA star Zach Randolph was arrested at an LA housing project and taken into custody on suspicion of possessing marijuana with intent to sell. Z-Bo, currently signed to the Sacramento Kings, was hanging out at the Nickerson Gardens project in Watts when the cops rolled up to bust some heads, but instead of their guppy-esque usual rabble-rousing, they netted a whale.

The 6’9, 260 lb NBA legend has made, conservatively, $140 million in his playing career. That’s according to Forbes and that number is from 2014. So why on earth would he be in the projects in California –a state where weed is legal– breaking down dime bags? The absurdity of it requires some Orwellian 1984-style doublethink.

Sure, things may have gotten a little rowdy. According to police, five police cars and one sheriff’s vehicle ended up with smashed windows (no officers were injured), but it’s not every day you have a living legend in the ‘jects; of course people are going to be extra turnt.

Without being there, it’s impossible to say what actually went down. But here are the facts: Z-Bo is a 16-year NBA vet, he’s almost seven feet tall, and he looks like a ninja turtle.

Image source/Twitter

He’s not someone you mistake for someone else. He’s in the “one name” club. Z-Bo. Like Kobe or LeBron. Z-Bo.

You don’t make it as far as Randolph has –icon status– by being a dummy. And that’s exactly what the cops are accusing him of doing: being the world’s biggest dummy. Z-Bo’s agent, Raymond Brothers (who also represents this year’s #1 overall pick Markelle Fultz) has already issued a statement refuting the bogus charges.

“The charges are false and misleading. We’re looking at all options to resolve this matter.”

Raymond Brothers, Zach Randolph’s agent

We’ve established that Z-Bo has that long paper, so it will be no sweat off his back to throw his lawyers some cash to dead his charges, but the fact that he’s even embroiled in this ridiculous. There’s no way at least some of those cops didn’t recognize Randolph, and there’s also no way he didn’t tell the cops “I’m Zach Randolph, are you serious right now?”

Again, without being there it’s tough to say exactly what went down. But this seems to be a pretty clear case of the cops arresting a famous black dude because they were mad; there are no consequences for charging people with things that don’t stick. The arresting officers get a good story to tell their buddies, Zach Randolph gets a minor headache from this BS (better soak that headband in ice water, Z-Bo) and life marches on to the ridiculous beat that is 2017.

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