Dress Code Controversy: What if the players wore shorts during tournaments?

One of the bigger topics this week, besides Jordan Spieth going for the career Grand Slam, is the PGA Championship allowing players to wear shorts during the practice round. To the average golf fan, this is probably pointless, but the more conservative and old-school golfers are probably having trouble wrapping their head around this.

It just goes against the tradition of the game. The PGA Tour has always required men to wear golf pants during tournaments, and the only time you ever see shorts is the U.S. Amateur or other non-professional tournaments.

But what if this is the first step to allowing golfers to choose if they want to wear shorts or pants for a Major championship, or a tournament in general? It’s crazy to think about, in fact Old Tom Morris would probably be rolling over in his grave if the players were given the option to wear shorts in an event.

This idea isn’t far-fetched, it’s not too long ago that players were wearing button-up shirts with ties while golfing. Somewhere along the line, the dress code became more liberal in the sense that players could simply wear a polo shirt and some slacks. Fast-forward to the 2000’s where the material of the player’s clothing has become performance-based and allows them to move easily while staying cool and comfortable.

So what would the difference be, besides the game’s tradition being in jeopardy (sarcastically speaking)? It’s not like sponsors would be losing an area on a golfer’s body to put their logo on for advertising. Quite frankly the players would probably feel more comfortable in shorts rather than pants.

It seems a bit silly to have to wear long pants during the dead-heat of summer. Giving the players an option between shorts and pants would be progressive and more comfortable for those actually competing.

These days we are seeing a couple different, but new, trends hit the PGA Tour like Jason Day’s high-top Nike shoes during The Open. No offense to Day but these look like Marty McFly’s Nikes from Back to the Future Part II.

Guess the feet…#TheOpen

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Or Rickie Fowler’s jogger-style pants by Puma Golf.

Wear the colors of freedom. Happy 4th of July. #wearfreedom

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If the PGA Tour allows players to wear shorts during tournaments, then the LPGA will have to respond and possibly retract their statement about a stricter dress code. To be fair, the LPGA should have just let that one go and never visited that topic.

There was never any controversy before about the player’s dress code. The only thing this accomplished was dragging themselves into some negative publicity. Maybe they need the PGA to be more progressive so they can follow suit.

By the looks of this trend, we may see the PGA Tour grant players the ability to play in shorts very soon. But the shorts will probably be as far as it will go, that is unless you want the guys to dress like the Spring Break crew.

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