Tiger Woods’ relationship status is the subject of fake news

This has been a tough week for Tiger Woods’ social life. Earlier this week Woods’ attorney pled not-guilty to his DUI when he was arrested on Memorial day this year.

Douglas Duncan, Woods’ lawyer, represented the 14-time Major champion in a court hearing on Wednesday and filed paperwork to appear in court on Oct. 25th. This gives both sides time to sort out the details to an agreement in which Woods would enter a rehab program to avoid jail time and give him a clean record.

On Thursday, Woods ran into more issues with his personal image when he had to set the record straight about his current relationship status. (Which is single ladies)

Woods was allegedly out with his with ex-girlfriend Kristin Smith, according to a Daily Mail article published on Thursday morning. The article stated that the photos of the couple were taken on July 31st of this year but Woods set the record straight that the couple has been split up for some time now.

For those who didn’t know, Smith is a well-known stylist who is the founder of a styling company called The Clad Life. One of her most famous clients is the wife of former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo.

Source: TMZ

“I’m happy in my personal life; it’s really full,” Smith said in an interview with D Magazine. “But I think if I shared it, I’d be damned if I did, damned if I didn’t. I don’t want it to define me.”

Just to add salt to an open wound, Google search engine did Tiger pretty dirty with the image they gave him when you search for ‘best black male athletes’.

As cliche as it may sound. that’s probably the face Tiger would make if he typed that in and that that’s the first thing he saw.

This may not have been Tiger’s week, but cheer up, the PGA Championship is still on!

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