Coutinho’s latest move proves no one gets it at Liverpool

How do you reckon footballers hand in a transfer request? An email? A first-class signed for letter? Postcard? Pigeon?

It’s such a weird thing to visualise – but you doubt it’s like that awkward, bumbling conversation you’d have with your manager when handing in your notice.

Philippe Coutinho has now (reportedly) opted for the Riyad Mahrez approach of handing in a transfer request, just a few hours after Liverpool’s owners, Fenway Sports Group, released a statement reiterating that the Brazilian is not for sale – side note: Barely five lines of text doesn’t constitute a statement, so can football clubs stop doing it?!

There are so many things wrong with Barcelona’s pursuit of Coutinho – the biggest being that they would’ve no doubt broke any transfer protocol/etiquette because a leopard never changes its spots.

But the fact that the Catalan giants believe that Coutinho can replace Neymar is laughable – although they are in a situation where the former Inter Milan man is (perhaps) the best of a bad bunch.

And even more laughable than that, is the fact that Jurgen Klopp & co believe they can’t cope with Coutinho, that the Brazil international is in some way a level above their array of generic, lightweight creative players. And for nine figures!

But the cherry on top of this laughable cake is the fact that Coutinho clearly believes he’s of a level that is befitting of one of the world’s best five clubs; Coutinho needs to realise he’s at his level at Liverpool, and should enjoy being the big fish in a small pond; after all, the attacking-midfielder registered the same number of assists as Nemanja Matic, last season.

If Coutinho’s move doesn’t manage to force through a move to the Nou Camp, then reports suggest Barca will move for Tottenham Hotspur’s Christian Eriksen. And that’s quite convenient, because you can basically read through the above article again, only replacing the word ‘Coutinho’ for ‘Eriksen’.

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