In Pictures: Ranking The Team Liquid 2017 Starting Rosters

There is no organization in the North American League Championship Series that has experienced as much turmoil and change in 2017 as Team Liquid. A team who started ten different roster combinations, Team Liquid could not find the correct mix to lead them to success. 

Prior to the 2017 season, Team Liquid was a staple near the top of the NA LCS, giving birth to the “forever fourth” meme. With success so close, Team Liquid committed to making the necessary roster changes that would push them over the top and finally earn them the coveted place at Worlds they had so often been denied.

Of course, things quickly would fall apart for Team Liquid with their new roster. The addition of former NA LCS MVP Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin failed to provide a significant impact as the team took a step backwards in the first few weeks of the Spring Split.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Thrown into a panic, Team Liquid would begin experimenting with starting rosters as they slowly fell down the standings into the Promotion Tournament.

In a season that saw Team Liquid escape the Promotion Tournament twice, the disappointment for the organization, players, and fans is evident. As another off-season approaches it is likely that many of the current members will no longer be on the roster as the next season begins.

Keeping this in mind, CLICKON eSports take a look back at all the various iterations of Team Liquid roster in 2017, ranking the various variations in strength:

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