There are 83 league titles currently in the Premier League

As we gear up for yet another season of Premier League action, it’s worth noting that this could well be the most star-studded 20 team line-up in the quarter century history of the division. That may seem like an odd statement on the face of it but with 12 former champions of English football, the evidence is there for all to see.

Of course some of these successes came many a moon ago, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that more than half of the sides in the league for the 2017/18 campaign have a prestigious lineage within the game. Some have obviously been more consistent than others but in reality, all that matters is that they’ve had their name on a big time trophy at some point in their past.

West Bromwich Albion 1 title

Despite many years of mediocrity the Baggies actually do have a First Division championship to their name, although we are closing in on almost 100 years since that triumph. The Midlanders won the title despite losing 10 of their 42 games, managing to ease to victory with Burnley being their closest challengers.

Leicester City 1 title

Nobody will ever forget what Leicester City Football Club accomplished a few years back, with their Premier League success set to go down as one of the most remarkable achievements in all of the sports. Many have tried to upset the status quo in the past, but the Foxes are one of the few sides who has actually been able to do it.

Tottenham Hotspur 2 titles

Contrary to popular belief Spurs don’t have quite as much of an illustrious history as their fans would have you believe, with just the two first division successes to their name. Still, they have managed to do some fairly impressive things over the years, with their famous double in the 1960/61 season being one of the most memorable.

Burnley 2 titles

Twelve months prior to the aforementioned success of Tottenham, Burnley were the team on top of the mountain as they won the title with just a one point lead over nearest challengers Wolverhampton Wanderers. Few would expect to see their name on his list, but as you can tell they used to be a force to be reckoned with.

Huddersfield Town 3 titles

The Terriers were the talk of English football back in the 1920s, capturing three championships in a short space of time to cement themselves at the top dogs in the country. Many, many decades of misery followed but now that they’re back in the top flight perhaps they can recapture their former glory days.

Newcastle United 4 titles

The Magpies have one of the most loyal fanbases in world football, as evidenced by the fact they haven’t been champions of England since 1927. It’s a miserable statistic for Geordies around the globe and it doesn’t look set to change for quite some time, with their strong charge in the 90s being the closest they’ve gotten since.

Manchester City 4 titles

Recent times have been kind to moneybags City, with their foreign owners funnelling funds into the club that has led to them becoming one of the biggest teams in Europe. Many expect Guardiola to lead them back to the promised land once again, but perhaps conquering the Champions League is seen as the priority these days.

Chelsea 6 titles

The 1955 triumph was good, but the last 12 years have been sensational if you’re a Chelsea fan. From 2004 up to 2017, the Blues have picked up five league titles, with each being as impressive as the last. Whenever they’ve been knocked back they have been more than capable of picking themselves back up, which is a testament to their resolve.

Everton 9 titles

The last time Everton Football Club won the title there was no such thing as the Premier League, with the Toffees pipping rivals Liverpool to the title to seal their 9th piece of top tier silverware. As one of the oldest clubs in the country you’d expect to see them pop up here, and it proves what a force they once were.

Arsenal 13 titles

Sure things have been tough and sure Arsene Wenger probably should’ve left by now, but does that make the accomplishments of this club any less impressive? No. Thirteen league championships is a massive statement when it comes to the history of the Gunners, and it confirms their status as the third biggest club in England.

Liverpool 18 titles

Forget the ‘this is our year’ nonsense because it’s what the Reds did for the many years preceding the Premier League era that will be remembered. Throughout a variety of managers and tribulations they picked up an obscene amount of titles, becoming the focal point of the sport in this country long before United came along.

Manchester United 20 titles

Manchester United are much more than a dynasty at this stage – they’re an institution of the game. Every single prospering manager should follow the blueprints of Sir Alex Ferguson because that man was able to pick up a sorry excuse for a football team and transform them back into the juggernauts that they are today.

Obviously, there’s no prize for guessing the big boys at the top of the pile here, but maybe this will prove once and for all that England is indeed still the place to when it comes to playing in the best league in world football.

Maybe we do only have a few ‘elite’ level sides right now, but the prestige and history is there and it shouldn’t be ignored.

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