Adam Levine buys $18 million house at a country club he won’t be able to join

Adam Levine reportedly bought an $18 million house on a country club that he probably won’t even be able to join.

According to real estates sources not permitted to comment, the house is located on the Los Angeles Country Club in Holmby Hills. The 9,200-square-foot estate was built in 1966 in a French-Regency style by architect Caspar Ehmcke.

But it’s not the house we’re concerned with. It’s the country club that his property is on, adjacent to the 14th hole. Los Angeles Country Club is notoriously known for not allowing celebrities to become members of the course. Bing Crosby, who had a house a few doors down from where Levine’s new crib is at, was unable to join. Whether that’s still a thing is yet to be known.

Levine described his obsession with the game to Harry Arnett on Callaway Live:

“When I do have time to play or to grind, which is my favorite activity, I basically will hit more golf balls than any person on the planet earth. I will hit thousands of balls a day and wouldn’t even think twice about it.”

It’s doubtful that The Voice judge hits more golf balls than anyone on the planet, especially when the pros go out after rounds sometimes to keep practicing. His overzealous comment shows just how much he really does love the game, so not being able to play on a course his house is literally ON will be disappointing for sure.

Levine is already a member of El Caballero Country Club about 15 miles away in the San Fernando Valley, so at least he has that to fall back on. Plus it’s not like the course would let him jump the fence, so he’d have to get in his car anyway.

The Los Angeles Country Club will be hosting the Walker Cup next month and the U.S. Open in 2023.

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