In Pictures: The Evolution Of Team SoloMid Across SIX Consecutive World Championships

North America’s Team SoloMid are the only team to have reached every League of Legends World Championship since the competition’s inception in 2011. The tournament has grown exponentially since Fnatic claimed the League of Legends throne at Riot’s Season 1 Championship: Korea emerged as a dominant powerhouse, new regions emerged onto the scene, yet TSM have served as the one constant throughout each and every World Championship

As North America prepares to host the 2016 finals, Team SoloMid are fittingly positioned amongst the favourites for their home World Championships. Despite attending every tournament, TSM are yet to fulfil their ambition of winning Worlds, but are now in a better position than ever to achieve their dream.

The current roster is unrecognisable from the team that donned the TSM shirt on a championship stage for the first time six years ago – it’s been one hell of a journey for Team SoloMid:

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