Ric Flair placed in medically induced coma


The surgery was a success!!

Legendary wrestler Ric Flair has been placed in a medically induced coma and is being prepped for surgery for an undisclosed medical condition. The 68-year-old WWE Hall of Fame wrestler was admitted to the hospital over the weekend for “routine monitoring” and was placed in the coma after his condition worsened.

With a wrestling career that’s spanned over 40 years, Ric Flair is widely considered the greatest professional wrestler of all time. So highly regarded by his peers is Flair that fellow WWE Hall of Famer Dustry Rhodes said, “nobody in the history of the business could lace Ric Flair’s boots.”

Some of Ric Flair’s signautre moves include the Figure-four leglock, the Chop block, the pile driver, multiple suplex variations and the eye-rake, but Flair is best known for his signature “Wooooo” yell, which has become a tribute to Flair in pop culture.

Flair’s inspiration for the “Woooo!” came in 1974 while he was listening to the song “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee, While Flair’s riff on Jerry Lee’s “Wooo” is a little different, it was Jerry Lee who incepted the idea into Flair’s head.

“Not exactly the way I do it, but it was enough to get me motivated to start saying it.”

Ric Flair

In an industry full of showmen, Ric Flair is a singular personality. For decades, he packed arenas night after night.

“They say every seat in an arena is 17 inches apart and putting asses in those seats is what it’s all about…I went seven days a week with Ric Flair for an hour every night and we sold them all out. But enough about me. Ric Flair had the ability to put an ass every 17 inches.”

Dusty Rhodes on Ric Flair

For now, all we can do is send our thoughts and well wishes out to Flair and his family. Get well soon, Ric.

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