Support Supreme: IMT Olleh Brings Undervalued Role Into The Limelight

As the votes were tallied for the  North American League Championship Series Summer Split All-Pro team members, one position revealed a clear landslide victory.

In his second split, Immortals’ support Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung has been crowned as the best support in NA, earning the highest number of points among all players and close to twice as many points in the voting as the next support.

Prior to joining Immortals, Olleh had become known as possibly the best support in the League of Legends Masters Series as a member of Hong Kong eSports. In his first action as a member of Immortals at Intel Extreme Masters Gyeonggi, the Korean flashed the potential to be a star, despite only having a few days to practice with the team before the event.

In his first action as a member of Immortals at Intel Extreme Masters Gyeonggi, Olleh flashed the potential to be a star on Immortals, even though he had only a few days to practice with the team before the event.

By the end of the Summer Split, Olleh has fulfilled that potential after a year in the NA LCS, bolstering his claim as one of the best supports in the West by becoming a legitimate (although unlikely) MVP candidate in only his second split in the region.

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Known for his positive attitude in and out of the game, Olleh has been a steadying force that has contributed to Immortals’ staggering rise in the Summer Split.

Where Olleh has truly excelled on the rift is on champions which allow him to become a playmaker for Immortals. Over half of Olleh’s games in the Summer Split were played on either Thresh or Bard, an easy indicator of the playstyle Olleh prefers and his tendency to make plays while roaming around the map.

This style is reinforced when you consider that Olleh led the NA LCS in kills among support players, with almost one and a half times as many kills as the runner up, Cloud9’s Andy “Smoothie” Ta.

Olleh’s mastery extends past his exploits in the NA LCS, as he was able to achieve the number one ranking in the NA Solo Queue ladder earlier this season.

Bringing his aggressive roaming style, Olleh is able to impact multiple lanes and is a testament to the effect that the support role (an often undervalued position) can have on the game.

Olleh’s strong play from the support position has allowed Immortals’ AD Carry, Cody “Cody Sun” Sun, ample time to develop into one of NA’s most promising young talents.

While Cody Sun struggled early in his career, he has been able to synergize effectively with Olleh over time as they have become one of NA’s best bot lane combinations.

All told, Immortals had four of their players awarded a place on the top three All-NA LCS teams, with jungler Jake “Xmithie” Puchero, Cody Sun, and top laner Lee “Flame” Ho-jong also receiving recognition.

As Immortals approach the playoffs, the pressure to succeed may be higher than ever after their first place finish and their past playoff failures.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Unlike the teams of the past, Immortals bring a balanced approach with this roster that is grounded in the positive attitude and playmaking ability of Olleh.

With Olleh at the helm, Immortals should be a favourite to reach the Finals and secure the elusive berth at Worlds the organisation has strived for since its conception.

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