Augusta National is suing an auction company that sells green jackets

Augusta National takes its traditions seriously, and that includes everything from the Champions Dinner to the Green Jacket Ceremony. So when an organization dares to cross the tournament giant, they fight back in full force.

The golf club is suing Green Jacket Auctions, an auctioning company that sells green jackets (obviously), among other rare memorabilia from the golf world. The company was created back in 2006, so why are they suing them now?

Green Jacket Auctions has recently opened bidding on three famous jackets, including one that belonged to Byron Nelson from his 1966 win at the Masters.¬†The club thought this particular jacket was still in storage but recently found it to be missing. Well, they know where it is now, that’s for sure.

Byron Nelson enjoying a Coke and a hotdog. (Source: Golf Channel)

Augusta is asking for the company to stop selling these jackets, as well as a few other items that have their logo on it, on the grounds that these were not supposed leave the club’s grounds.

Of course, these guys are sticklers for the rules and the rules say these famous jackets can never leave the course, with the exception of the champion who returns it to the club the year after their win.

The auctioning company is not going to go quietly into the night on this issue, no matter how much money the golf club has. Their rebuttal is quite interesting:

“It appears that Augusta National Golf Club is attempting to assert ownership claims to every green jacket ever produced, regardless of who currently owns or possesses the jackets,” Green Jacket Auctions co-owner¬†Ryan Carey told the AP.

“Obviously, we at Green Jacket Auctions dispute such claims, and will litigate the matter, if necessary.”

So basically the club is saying that these items were stolen and the company is saying that it doesn’t matter how they acquired them, they are now in their possession and rightfully theirs to do with what they please.

Source: Green Jacket Auctions

Bryon Nelson’s green jacket currently has 18 bids with a price tag of $114,874 buckaroos. Other memorabilia on the site includes a program from the first Masters ever, a Ryder Cup trophy, clubs of current pros and much more.

It’s unclear whether this lawsuit is halting the bid because with three days left and the green jacket on the front page of the site, it doesn’t seem like it has. Either way, Augusta National will probably do whatever it takes to get these memorabilia back in their hands.

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