4-Story Mario Kart racetrack opening in Niagra Falls will be largest in North America

Remember when you were a kid and you wished Mario Kart was real? Well, now it is, thanks to the good folks at HOCO Limited, a resorts and tourism company that is building the coolest go kart track on the planet in Niagra Falls. F–k going over the waterfall in a barrel, this is what the people want.

The “Niagara Speedway” will include a 4-story corkscrew and different elevated coaster sections, as well as 6,500 bolts and 425,000 pounds of steel. Suffice to say this will not be your normal go kart track. In fact, it will be the largest elevated go-kart track in North America and just about the closest thing you can get to Rainbow Road without taking LSD.

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Whether you were a Toad guy, a Peach girl, or a Bowser boy, we all have a soft spot for Mario Kart in our hearts. It was a game with few barriers to entry; you didn’t have to be an expert gamer to compete, all your friends knew how to play, and sometimes rolling the dice on risky strategies paid off.

Many a sleepover were spent Mario Karting until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes controllers got thrown, sometimes in-game disputes spilled over into real-life wrestling matches, but at the end of the day, everyone loved Mario Kart. And thanks to the business savvy of HOCO Limited, we’ll soon be able to live out our Nintendo 64 fantasies in the real world.

While developers of the Niagara Speedway’s are hoping it will open sometime in Spring 2018, no official date has been announced yet. However, construction is proceeding at a rapid rate. Here’s what the course looked like back in May:

Image source/Niagara Falls Clifton Hill

And here’s what it looked like in June:

Image source/Niagara Falls Clifton Hill


The track is part of a multifaceted development to revitalize tourism in Niagara Falls that will include a 4D motion theater, zombie exhibit, and a renovated Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum. While the ancillary attractions are nice, it’s real life Mario Kart that we really want.


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