From Crumlin to Las Vegas: Conor McGregor’s soft spot

Conor McGregor probably doesn’t strike many people as a softy; you know the sort of bloke who will get all sentimental at the drop of a hat, and one to get carried away with different superstitions in an attempt to improve his performance.

Well, think again, as it turns out even the mad men of the world have soft spots. Following the death of the Notorious’ grandfather, the Irishman carries around his hat in his gym bag. McGregor has carried the hat to every fight the 29-year-old has been in for the last decade:

“This hat is my grandad’s hat, I’ve had it literally since I started combat sport.

He died and left a few things and one of the things he used to always wear was these hats. I’ve had it 10 years I’d say and it’s been in every gear bag, I just bought a new bag so will transfer it over.

Sometimes I forget it’s even in there but it’s been in every single bag for the past 10 years.”

— Conor McGregor, speaking on the RTE documentary ‘The Notorious’

Sadly for McGregor, the hat was reportedly stolen from the Notorious’ car, but the Irishman replaced it and still carries it with him; seems he’s more superstitious than the UFC man gives off:

Before we turn the anagram of ‘FOMO’ into ‘FOMH’ – Fear of Missing Hat – apologies, I’ll show myself out – the 29-year-old said the hat’s significance had nothing to do with McGregor thinking it brought any luck to fights, but acted as a reminder of where the Irishman came from, where his roots are, and the hard graft he’s put in from Crumlin, Dublin to Las Vegas.

If there’s any part of the Irishman which thinks it does bring any element of good fortune in the fight, then he best remember to bring it to the T-Mobile Arena if he’s going to turn Mayweather’s record to 49-1.


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