Formula One – Lance Stroll: It’s not the Money

F1 rookie Lance Stroll has taken to putting the talk surrounding his father’s financial patronage of Williams to bed – citing his results as evidence.

He’s not letting this one go until he’s proven his point. Lance Stroll has been fighting a battle against those who derided him throughout his maiden season in Formula One. His opposition has been vehemently vocal in the belief that the young Stroll had simply bought his way into the sport via his father’s large surplus of financial assets.

Lance had already proved them wrong by earning his place on the podium in Baku, but has now taken a moment out to personally dig into his critics:

Some day! #P3

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“I’m not here to prove anyone wrong, I’m here to do it for myself and my team.

I know why I’m here and that I deserve to be here. I won Formula 3 championship and was the youngest ever to win it, and [won] by a massive margin, and a lot of work went into it.

And now, youngest rookie to ever be on the podium, that’s an accomplishment and I think for people to take that away from me and say, ‘it’s just money’, it’s not true. Showing those results, looking at the points, I’m still in the [midfield] mix.” – Lance Stroll

For someone that has no interest in proving his opposition wrong he certainly has had the drive to dole out their comeuppance – but who can blame him? It’s not as if Stroll has ever shown himself to be the overly smug type out on the track. The young Canadian has been doing all that he can to prove to both the team and spectators around the globe what he is capable of.

There is no denying that Stroll has held an advantage over others, but at least he’s embracing it:

“I know why I’m here. I can’t deny the reality – the reality is, I had a great opportunity growing up as a kid that not a lot of people have. I was very fortunate to come from where I come from and be able to make that move from Canada to Europe to pursue my dreams.

But I grabbed it with both hands and I won my championships to get here. I won my Formula 4 championship, I won my Formula 3 championship, I did all that and I got my Superlicence points, which not everyone can get. You have to go out and deliver the results to get that and get into Formula 1.” – Lance Stroll

Regardless of how much Stroll talks up his past performances, however, Formula One remains a field of attrition. The best get to stay while the rest wilt away. Only time itself will tell if Stroll manages to remain in the upper echelons of motor-racing, but if his attitude is any indicator of how his future will go, the young rookie will have long years of success in front of him.


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