McGregor Mocked: It’s a shoulder-loosening exercise, apparently

Conor McGregor has marketed his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather perfectly, thanks to his entourage of PR-leeches – plus the Irishman’s arrogant (some would say amusing) charisma.

With McGregor making the step into the boxing ring, the world of fighting is unsettled by this crossover of styles – not that these big boys would admit it. And what do you do when you’re threatened by someone in a social environment?

Well, you mock them, of course.

Being mocked by the boxing fraternity will irk UFC’s, Conor McGregor – in fact, it’s probably the kind of thing that will fuel McGregor during the potential 12 rounds with Mayweather in Las Vegas – but true to form, the 29-year-old remained unfazed and not short of a quip.

“I’ve seen some videos, but it’s light-hearted, I don’t take it personally. If anything I see stiffness in every single one of them.”

“It’s a shoulder-loosening exercise: you’ve got to do it correct, though. David Haye is a man who’s pulled out of contests over a sore baby toe so he must be careful with the way he hits the pads (Haye complained about a broken toe after his 2011 defeat by Wladimir Klitschko). We will educate as we go forward.”

“When I hear their disrespect, I use it as motivation and I look forward to going in and educating them. I get it. I’m coming in (to the sport), I understand where it’s at, I’m just looking forward to proving what I’m saying and earning my respect in this game also.

“With that skill-set, it’s how you can change a jab to a hook in the blink of an eye, or a jab to an uppercut. It’s the same thing as the hip-flexors for a kick. If I’m tight in the hips and can’t free my legs, I can free my shoulders like I showed…”

Ultimately, though, no matter how accurate McGregor’s comments are on David Haye, and ignoring the fact the Irishman’s warm-up does resemble your mate who has been overcome with the ‘sesh’ just as it’s reaching its pinnacle, the boxing boys’ comments and mockery of McGregor just screams of nerves and fear that this big mouth UFC may very well rock up in their neck of the woods, flop Mayweather and then leave the world of boxing in an embarrassed mess.

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