Ultimate crossover: Footballers who could end Mayweather’s 49-0 record

The world continues to count down to what is being deemed as the biggest fight in combat sports history between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Now whether you agree with that statement or not, you can’t deny that it’ll be a spectacle, and the whole world is waiting to see if The Notorious One can finally be the man to end the undefeated streak of Money Mayweather.

The odds suggest that he won’t be successful but we all know that doesn’t mean too much in 2017, as anything can happen when you put two blokes in a ring together. With that being said, it’s always fun to fantasize about alternative match-ups and today we want to examine which footballing superstars would have a chance at knocking off the greatest boxer of his generation.

Now some of these will come across as a bit comical but we’re confident in our selections, if for no other reason than because Floyd has entered his 40s and these fellas would probably do everything within their power to send him down to the canvas for a ten count.

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba transformed from a diver who went down at the first available opportunity to one of the most dominant forwards in Premier League history. His unbelievable strength on the ball and insane versatility would make him a nightmare for someone like Floyd, and you just know he’d pull out a dirty trick or two.

Oguchi Onyewu

If you don’t know who this man is, then we highly suggest you head over to Google and type in his name before he discovers that you’ve disrespected him. The American is an absolute force of nature and when stood opposite Mr Money himself, it’d be the definition of a David vs Goliath bout.

Phil Bardsley

Phil Bardsley knocked out Wayne Rooney in his kitchen and will do the same to Mayweather, pass it on.

Adebayo Akinfenwa

Calling Akinfenwa a ‘man’ doesn’t really do him all that much justice. The bloke is quite literally a beast, and may well be football’s answer to Brock Lesnar. There’s a strong chance that he could snap Floyd in half simply by looking in his direction, and he’d know how to handle the pressure on the big stage as he’s proven before.

John Terry

You just know that JT vs Floyd would all be about the psychological battle, with Terry doing everything he can to gain an advantage over the American prior to the bout – kind of like McGregor. After endless taunts about how he’d


Looking into Pepe’s eyes is enough to scare a man half to death, so naturally being told you’ve got to try and knock him out wouldn’t be all too appealing. The Portuguese sensation wouldn’t care about the rules and he wouldn’t care what state he leaves Floyd in, all he’d care about is maintaining his ego that’s the size of his house.

Gary Medel

Gary Medel’s nickname is The Pitbull, and he’s chalked up more red cards than we’ve played Sunday League games.

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