C9 Jensen Triumphs Over TSM Bjergsen To Clinch All-Pro Mid Lane Slot

The end of season awards are guaranteed to divide public opinion. The debate surrounding the mid lane started early in the Summer Split, with Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen challenging Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg for the NA LCS MVP accolade.

Boasting statistics the likes of which the NA LCS has never seen, Jensen took his first step towards being crowned as the Summer Split MVP by cementing his place in the mid lane as part of the All-Pro line-up. Once all the votes had been cast and tallied, Jensen had bested Bjergsen by just two points.

Though Team SoloMid fans will be undoubtedly upset by the results of the ballot, Bjergsen remains the bookies’ favourite to be crowned as the NA LCS Summer Split MVP.

Bjergsen earned the highest number of “Player of the Series” awards over the course of a Summer Split in which he celebrated his 1,000th kill.

Jensen is enjoying a career-defining split, cementing his reputation as one of the most mechanically gifted players in the mid lane position.

Boasting an 8.7 KDA only tells half of Jensen’s story. To add polish to his already formidable statistics, Jensen has demonstrated the ability to carry with a wide champion pool, having played a wide range of champions in the mid lane this split, from control mages to assassins.

Jensen’s play in the Summer Split has earned a place in the All-Pro Team, but has also, more importantly, kept Cloud9 in contention after the team experienced a relatively poor split by its own high standards.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The debate surrounding mid lane superiority in the NA LCS has rumbled on for over a year, with the general consensus often swinging towards Team SoloMid’s poster boy, on account of his unrivalled number of regional titles.

Jensen has been playing with a chip on his shoulder since his calamitous mistake in the Spring Split Playoff Final. Desperate to redeem himself, Jensen took a small step towards achieving his goal by imposing his dominance over Bjergsen when the pair squared off for the final time in the split.

Perhaps the one factor that has prevented Jensen from claiming an emphatic victory over his TSM rival is the breakdown of the ballot votes for the NA LCS All-Pro Team.

Jensen was voted for almost entirely by the ballot’s 3rd party media and by the majority of Riot Games’ on-air talent, whereas Bjergsen was the resounding favourite amongst coaches and fellow NA LCS pros.

Given that the voting between the pair was so close for the All-Pro team, the pendulum may swing once more before the out-right Summer Split MVP is announced.

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