Former Russian golfer arrested for beheading mother

A former Russian golfer was arrested this week for murdering and beheading his own mother with a kitchen knife.

Moscow police say Artem Nesterov, 37, decapitated the 66-year-old woman and fled by car. Nesterov then called his sister before turning himself in to authorities.

Reports say Nesterov’s attack came on the heels of a verbal disagreement with his wife, whom he shares a one-year-old child. Afterward, he traveled to his mother’s house. His mother’s body was later found with a severed head and other wounds.

Nesterov will be held in jail for two months as the investigation continues.

Although the country isn’t known for its golf stardom, Nesterov was regarded as Russia’s first great golfer after the sport came to fruition in 1991. His greatest golf accomplishments are winning the Cup of Russia in 2002 and becoming the first Russian golfer to be named master of sports.

Nesterov being awarded master of sports (Source: Will Stewart)

He later began training in America with golf teacher Robert Baker, and worked as his assistant for two years. In 2005, Nesterov moved to South Africa where he trained and competed in local tournaments. Most recently, he has worked as a golf coach over the last decade. He and his wife had been living with each other for over 10 years but had only wed recently.

What the disagreement was, has yet to be uncovered. It’s tragic and disgusting, but hopefully, this won’t discourage young Russians from picking up a golf club.

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