F1: Sainz Weighs In On The Parity Discussion

F1 Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz Jr. has weighed in his two cents: it’s time for Formula One to level the playing field.

F1 is getting to the point where, unless there’s an absolute downpour or massive change in track conditions, the top three are decided: it’s either a Mercedes or Ferrari washout, with some Red Bull colours if they’re lucky. The sad thing is, this isn’t just the case for this year. It has largely been the case since Formula One’s inception. The top teams always received more funding, and after some time, it was only inevitable that they would become entrenched in the sport.

Such entrenchment would only serve to make any future changes more painful. The likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull have been the trifecta that has dominated the sport for far too long – and now it seems that the desire for change has trickled down to the drivers as well.

Far from the likes of Lewis Hamilton passing his judgement over the sport he likes to envision himself as the master of, vocal proponents of a restructured F1 have begun to emerge in the midfield as well

F1 Torro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz has come forth as the most recent driver to cast his lot behind the prospects of evened-out team pay distribution:

“I believe in equality, a lot more equality.

“I believe Mercedes, FerrariRed Bull, they need to keep winning the championship. But I believe it should be a bit more exciting.

“It should include at least half of the field in a possible, potential podium battle.

At the moment, it’s not happening. There’s no chance. None of the midfield teams can do a podium under normal circumstances.”

Carlos Sainz

The sad thing is, Sainz is right on the money. Sainz’s demonstrations earlier this year over his reluctance to stay in Toro Rosso for another year is understandable – he knows he’s not going to get any wins with the car that he’s got now. No matter what the engineers do to it, they don’t have a chance in hell in besting what the top dogs bring to the field. And for a racer, if you can’t win… what’s the point?

The growing outspokenness for a revised and evenly-distributed budget cap could bring about a new and prosperous era for F1. One where a victor may emerge from anywhere on the grid, rather than the forcefully segmented nature of the present structure.

With the summer break nearing its end, new information is undoubtedly coming regarding the future layout of the sport. Liberty Media have taken it unto themselves to revitalise the sport, and they’re only just getting started.

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