Seven times McGregor proved what a moron the UFC fighter truly is

Conor McGregor is a showman at heart, and that part of his persona has most certainly been able to shine through over the course of his UFC career. He’s done so well to promote himself, in fact, that the Irishman is on the verge of competing in the biggest fight in combat sports history against Floyd Mayweather.

With that being said, it’d be wrong for us to pretend like this guy hasn’t made mistakes along the way, no matter how untouchable the 29-year-old seems to be. Conor has talked the talk and walked the walk for the most part, but there have been a few stumbles that left people wondering whether this guy is as intelligent as he initially seemed.


Conor McGregor decided to take being petty to a whole new level here, as he ‘retired’ after being pulled off the card for UFC 200. The reason behind the withdrawal was because he didn’t want to fulfil all of the necessary media obligations and whilst that may make sense to a degree, nobody is bigger than the UFC. Nobody.

NYC press conference

It makes all the sense in the world for Conor and Floyd to do everything within their power to sell the fight, but this was just ridiculous. We’ve all called the ordeal a circus in the past but Conor coming out with a white jacket and no top on made him look more like a failed professional wrestler than anything else. Poor effort.

Quitting the game

Few people will know about this unless you’ve seen McGregor’s interview with Ariel Helwani from a few years back, but the youngster actually quit the sport of mixed martial arts for a brief period of time. After losing one of his first bouts he threw his toys out of the pram, and it took a pep talk from John Kavanagh to get him back in the game.

Tyron Woodley beef

This just made the two-weight world champion seem like every other troll on the internet, with Conor deciding to engage in beef with Tyron Woodley simply to generate more attention. His comebacks were fairly pointless, and all it did was stir the pot for an eventual ‘super fight’ that never came to fruition.

Underestimating Nate

Agreeing to the first Nate Diaz fight on short notice was just as risky for Conor as it was for Nate, if not more so. The Irishman was so overwhelmingly confident that he’d come away with the victory as he always is, but he didn’t account for the extra energy that would be used up at a higher weight class. This loss was the definition of embarrassing.

Conor vs WWE

Despite literally stealing his signature walk from Vince McMahon, Conor has been awfully vocal about pro wrestling over the years. The Notorious One took a shot at John Cena in addition to the whole WWE roster as a whole, and whilst it was entertaining to some it made him come across like a little kid trying to get more attention.

UFC 205 press conference

The next two entries stem from the same weekend, and the fact that they took place less than a year ago may indicate that Conor’s days of making the headlines are far from over. Not only did McGregor arrive late to the press conference, but he also claimed it was because he “didn’t give a ****” before laying out some clearly pre-prepared catchphrases.


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