Formula 1: Engine talks between Toro Rosso-Honda collapse

Josh Challies

Honda continue to be keen to add a second team to their roster for the 2018 Formula 1 season following the cancellation of its deal with Sauber but they’ve encountered problems in their plans.

Motorsport.comĀ report that talks between Honda and Torro Rosso have collapsed due to financial disagreements, which means that the Italian team will remain with Renault next season and will not have their third supplier in three seasons.

The collapse in talks is particularly problematic for Japanese manufacturer Honda as they could find themselves without a team next season, as McClaren are considering their options even though Ferrari and Mercedes have made it clear they will not supply an engine – meaning Renault stands as the only alternative.

Time is running out for any changes between teams to be made as engineers have already began work for the next season and at an advanced stage on working on the car configuration for the 2018 Formula 1 calendar year.

Losing Honda in Formula 1 would be detrimental to the sport as it would decrease the competitiveness between the various teams, although an argument can be made to suggest it would actually benefit the sport as it would create a more level playing field and result in the differences between the sides being purely based on driver ability.

At this stage though, Formula 1 needs to have as many different manufacturers, teams and constructors as possible to aid the passage through a difficult period in the motorsport’s development, as there’s pressure on reform to be made to make it more environmentally friendly and adapt to the modern age.

Given how late it is in the year, it’s highly unlikely that McClaren would move away from Honda for next season and Renault would be unlikely to take on a fourth team too, as it could decrease their reliability next season.

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