The latest entry in ‘Floyd Mayweather acting like a chump’

Floyd Mayweather’s latest move to try and show the world that he isn’t fussed by the threat Conor McGregor poses to his already trademarked ’50-0′ record, is to announce that he’s going to party throughout the build-up week.

It’s hard to know where to begin with the tweet: should you question the desire to capitalise the first letter in each word? Or perhaps the signing off of the message with Floyd Mayweather’s Twitter handle that has come from, yep you’ve guessed it, his own Twitter account? Or do you pull apart the sheer patheticness of the message?

Yep, let’s go with the last one.

When you surround yourself with ‘Yes Men’, like Mayweather – and so many of our high-profile prima donnas do – you create this faux bubble of superiority and adulation. But when the Floyd Mayweathers and Cristiano Ronaldos of this world pop their head above the parapet, they realise the real world doesn’t view them as their ‘bubble’ does, and it shocks the weak-minded little boy inside them, to the core.

Mayweather has done this and realised that Conor McGregor is the charisma, the entertainment and the people’s choice for this farcical fight.

Mayweather wants to be the hero, he wants to be the one who ‘necked 40 bottles of champagne before knocking McGregor out in the first round’; he thinks that’s what will win over the ones who see the American boxer for what he really is: a convicted women beater.

Instead, as Mayweather and McGregor search for some form of sporting relevance for their circus act next weekend, Mayweather, in particular, continues to miss the reasoning as to why non-UFC and non-boxing fans find them both laughable, disgraceful and an embarrassment.

Although, if being a stain on society gets you a chance at a fight purse of $300million, then doubt there’s many of us who would act any differently.

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