Six times Mayweather was a complete moron

Ned Holmes

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s legacy is undeniable. Considered by many as the greatest defensive boxer of all-time, the American boasts a 49-0 record (28 KOs) and has never been knocked down in the ring. Outside the ropes, he’s a business success story who has taken his brand a step further than any boxer before him.

But it is impossible to ignore the darker side of the 40-year-old’s character and the questionable behaviour littering his career that ranges from the moronic to the outright appalling.

The majority of his spending history

According to Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd’s career earnings will pass the billion-dollar mark following his showdown with McGregor and unsurprisingly he has flaunted that wealth in some lavish and questionable ways.

The head-scratching purchases are too long to list, but some of the most ludicrous include a $50,000 diamond iPod case, a $20,000 Bentley golf cart for his 15-year-old to drive and a $400,000 Rolls Royce for his 14-year-old daughter (who can’t drive it).

Buying a second Jet

Perhaps the most outlandish of all his expenditures, Mayweather reportedly used to charter a second plane just for his security team, as he was worried that because of their large size and muscular build their weight would cause his plane to go down. Certainly a uniquely Mayweather purchase.

Losing the WBO title after failing to pay the sanctioning fee

It would seem that $200,000 isn’t much to Mayweather, however, in 2015 he was stripped of the WBO title over such a meagre amount.

Floyd had claimed the title in his famous points victory over Manny Pacquiao in May 2015, and though he earned a reported $220 million from the bout he failed to pay the $200,000 sanctioning fee for the fight and was forced to give up the belt.

His brief foray into rap music

He certainly isn’t the first athlete to have a go in the music industry but as with most of such crossovers, it was ill thought-out and (thankfully) short lived.

His single ‘Yep’ was released in 2007 and combines some questionable production with genius lyrics such as: “It’s like ding dong, I’m like king kong”.

Probably best to stick the ring in the future, ey, ‘Money’?

When he launched a rant at Manny Pacquiao

Much of the 40-year-old’s recent career was dominated by his rivalry with Manny Pacquiao and, he showcased just how much of a – he can be when he launched an expletive packed, racist and homophobic tirade at the Filipino in 2010.

During a 10-minute video, Mayweather labelled Pacquiao a “little yellow chump”, and promised that he would “make that motherf***er make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice”.

Classy as ever from the champ.

His treatment of women

It would be a gross understatement to describe Mayweather’s disgraceful treatment of women as just moronic. The boxer, who early in his career dedicated a fight to “all the battered women in the world”, has been involved in at least seven separate assaults on five women over a 15-year period.

His treatment of Josie Harris, the mother of his three children, is a prime example of his monstrous behaviour. The boxer physically abused her on multiple occasions during and after their relationship and in 2010 was sued for $20million by Harris for defamation in response to an interview in which Floyd claimed that a domestic abuse incident in 2010 had been a result of Harris’ drug abuse.

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