Stefon Diggs uses new NFL policy to show off Starbucks-themed cleats

Minnesota Vikings wide-receiver Stefon Diggs is taking his loving for Starbucks to a whole new level. He had custom cleats made for the Friday night preseason game, clad with the universally known caffeinated mermaid.

This boss addition to Diggs’ feet comes off the back of┬áNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell taking a chill pill towards how the players express themselves. The NFL is notorious for fines, especially when it comes to “excessive celebration” on the field.

Although he may not be able to rock the cleats come September in the regular season, he is allowed to wear them during the preseason. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, Diggs will be wearing the cleats in Seattle, home to the coffee chain’s headquarters.

These aren’t the only custom cleats Diggs has had made for this preseason. Mache Custom Kicks created another pair for the Viking with Cleveland Brown hilariously riding the famous Nike swoosh.

The Cleveland Show might have been canceled but the Family Guy characters are getting a second wind riding off the feet of an NFL player.

Custom game day kicks are booming within the franchise, some even risking fines if they choose to wear them in during games. Most notably, NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. wore pink Kirby cleats to express awareness for Breast Cancer during the game where he proposed to the kicking net after scoring a 66-yard touchdown.

According to ESPN, players will be allowed to wear more personalized cleats for pre-game prior to warm-ups and will have greater flexibility on cleat color worn during the game, per a memo sent out by the league on Monday to head coaches and equipment managers.

Beckham was most famously fined $18,000 last season for wearing cleats honoring the late broadcaster Craig Sager before the team’s game against the┬áDetroit Lions. In the wake of Roger Goodell’s amendment of the strict policies, those cleats would now be permitted.

In a sport where players faces are hidden under franchise helmets, these shoes are a way to let each of their unique personalities shine. Thankfully the No Fun League is allowing them a little more leg room to show the world who they are.

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