Land Of The Giants: Cocky Challengers Confident Of EU LCS Return

Giants Gaming destroyed Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-1 in the Spring Promotion Tournament, taking the cocky challengers one step closer to returning to the EU LCS.

Four months ago, Fnatic Academy eliminated Giants Gaming from the EU LCS in a dominant 3-0 sweep. The humiliating loss capped an embarrassing split for the once-proud organization; gone were the days of prime PepiiNero and national pride for the Spanish org. The new Giants lacked both the fiery spirit of their all-Spanish

The new-look Giants organisation lacked both the fiery spirit of their all-Spanish line-ups and the surprising success of last year’s Summer Split run. As Giants Gaming descended further and further from their former selves, it seemed more and more likely they would never return.

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With a tarnished brand and a chip on their shoulders, Giants prepared for the upcoming split, this time in the Challenger Series. Their new roster of CS rejects and LVP imports inspired little initial faith in the long-time League of Legends organization.

To everyone’s surprise, Giant’s performed admirably in Challenger Series, finishing the season with a 4-0-1 record. They carried this success into the playoffs, where they swept Wind & Rain in a dominating fashion. Clearly, there is more to Giants Gaming than meets the eye.

When asked about his thoughts regarding the upcoming promotion tournament, AD carry Amadeu “Minitroupax” Carvalho oozed confidence:

“I think they should be the ones worried about us, we have a really good chance of making it into the LCS.”

Amadeu “Minitroupax” Carvalho

Infamous jungler, Gilius was a more explicit in his expectations for the promotion tournament:

Cocky? Perhaps. But for once Gilius’ bark matched his bite. On gameday, Gilius led Giants to a 3-1 victory over NIP, enacting revenge on the team formerly known as Fnatic Academy. With an underdog lineup, they have banished their demons, and are now just one step away from the LCS.

Unfortunately for Giants, the final step is always the hardest. Next week, they will face off against Schalke 04 eSports, their rivals in the Challenger Series.

Throughout the entire regular season, Schalke was the only team to take a game off of them in the EU CS. In the final week of CS play, S04 Esports defeated the then-undefeated Giants in a stunning 2-0 upset.

Giants will, by nature, head into the fixture full of confidence, determined to restore pride to the Spanish organization and reclaim their spot in the EU LCS.

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