Things Conor McGregor would do to throw you off your golf game

If there ever was a Hall of Fame for trash-talking in sports, Conor McGregor would be a first-ballot entry. He is up there with the likes of Mike Tyson, Reggie Miller and Muhammad Ali.

McGregor is a breed of trash-talking that we have not experienced before, with the wit of Tyson, the theatrics of Miller, and the brute confidence (or cockiness as some call it) of Ali. Earlier this summer, Floyd Mayweather’s challenger provided us with one of the most classic lines in trash-talk history. Not only did he break down Mayweather’s little punk-kid outfit, but he destroyed him on the fact that he CAN’T EVEN READ.

Just the purest form of disrespect, and it is hard to come back to both of those when the guy hating on you is dressed in a full suit and can actually decipher words on a page.

Now think of this scenario: What if you had to play a round of golf with McGregor? Obviously, he spends the majority of his time training for fights and probably doesn’t hit the links much like a true Irishman, so the fighter will have to come up with other ways to be his opponents on the golf course. And that would be through good ol’ fashioned trash-talk.

Exploiting your weaknesses

All trash-talking, in any setting, begins with a verbal assault to the opposing person’s most obvious weaknesses.So if you had to play McGregor in golf, he would probably sniff out these flaws in your game by the end of the first hole. Maybe you can’t hit a tee shot to save your life, maybe you take three years to get out of any given sand trap, or (and this is the worst one) you leave every putt short.

You see it’s one thing to miss the read on a putt, but it’s another thing to leave it three to five feet short of the hole. It’s not a weakness in your stroke but it’s a sign that you’re not confident enough to execute the putt you want to hit.

You can see it now on a misread putt: “Look at this man, he’s got a putter in his hands…he can’t even read (the greens).”

Messing with your backswing

There is always that friend in a group of golfers who catches himself talking in EVERY backswing on EVERY hole. And if you don’t have a friend like this then it’s probably you.

Besides harassing you with his words, McGregor has other ways to interrupt your backswing and cause you to consistently chunk shots.

Perhaps the Irishman feels the need to warm up behind you as you’re about to swing…

Last resort: beat the hell out of his opponent

Well, Mcgregor is a fighter, so if he is losing a round of golf and there is no other avenue left, he might as well do what he does best – fight you. There is a realistic chance this man could kill you, or at least cause you variety of damages. And this whole time you wonder to yourself why you ever challenged McGregor to a round of golf, or how it escalated to you getting knocked out before the round was over.

Think of it this way, McGregor could knock you out after a tee shot and you’d be out for the count before your ball (hopefully) hits the fairway.

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