If Pokemon were given their real names…

The original 150 Pokemon will always be fondly remembered, and as generations of our favourite friends continue to be added, they will forever pale into insignificance alongside the Spearows, Ekans and Squirtles of the Pokemon world.

Game Freak’s naming and designing of Pokemon has always brought around a combination of confusion and amusement. However, that’s not to be said there isn’t some method in the madness behind the design and names: Drowzee is based around the Malayan Tapir, whilst the underrated Sandslash is formed from a Pangolin, and Ekans is famously ‘snake’ backwards.

But here’s a few of the original guys and girls that were named incorrectly…


Ditto’s name comes from its ability to mimic rival Pokemon – quite a useful tool when facing a fighting type. However, the fact the purple blob isn’t called ‘Flubber’ is an opportunity missed – and if you haven’t watched the film ‘Flubber’ already, then that’s another opportunity missed.

Water Bowser

Blastoise and Bowser just have to be from the same family tree!

Image Source: Deviant Art

Tramp Stamp

Butterfree is more commonly associated with a tattoo on a certain type of girl in a certain type of place – Butterfree deserves better than that, but then you remember all the times it poisoned your Pokemon.

Rat With Wings

Pidgey was a pigeon, and a pigeon’s only move should be ‘Scavenger’; a really unloveable Pokemon, and a pest when walking in grassy areas.

Japanese Mickey

Pikachu is the face of Pokemon, Ash Ketchum’s best friend and would win any battle against any of the Disney characters – especially Mickey!

Are You The One I’ve Caught Already Or Not?

Male? Female? Why are you purple and pink? Of course, we are in a world of gender neutral colours, but maybe a bit more of a definitive trait in the Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow GameBoy games would’ve been appreciated – nope, no one knows which symbol represents male or female.

No One Likes Cats

Dogs are great, and miles better than cats – this is not an opinion, this is a fact. And the scheming nature of Meowth, coupled with Team Rocket allegiances adds to the feeling that cats just use us Pokemon Trainers.

Are You And Psyduck Really Related?

Golduck is an excellent Pokemon, and a hugely underrated one, due to its association with the gormless Psyduck. Unlike Gyarados, Golduck has long been unable to shake the roots of its evolution.

Don’t You Dare Teleport

Wild Abras are never around for long and all the button-bashing and crossed fingers in the world won’t stop it teleporting with its first attack. Infuriating – and even more infuriating when you have to spend so long at Game Corner buying coins to afford to buy it next door, in Celadon City.


Bellsprout will forever be part of that group of Pokemon you need to get to just complete your Pokedex – grass Pokemon aren’t all that in Pokemon, are they?!

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