The Top 10 Worst Pokémon From Red and Blue

Jordan Heal

Game Freak’s Pokémon series will be one that’s forever fondly remembered.

Back in 1996, the original Pokémon Red and Green games were released in Japan. Later in the year the more commonly known Blue version that pairs with Red was released as a special edition. Roughly a year later, a further special edition was released, Pokémon Yellow.

There is always an aurora of nostalgia whenever the series is mentioned. I can still remember desperately channelling my inner Ash Ketchum on the Yellow version solely using a Pikachu to defeat Brock’s Rock type gym. As we soak in the heart-warming memories, here is a look at the top ten worst Pokémon out of the original 150:

10) Omastar

Omastar earns a place in this list because of Kabutops. Both the final evolution of Pokémon deriving from a fossil, Omastar pales in comparison to its counterpart. The sprite design for Omastar makes it look so weak… seriously, who would choose an Omastar over Kabutops?

9) Chansey

Chansey isn’t necessarily a terrible Pokémon. There is a place on this list for Chansey however, on account of the agonising rarity to come across one in the Safari zone. Furthermore, it is one hell of a task to capture one…

8) Jynx

Jynx is a horrible Pokémon, that is, if it can be classed as one. The humanoid design sticks out like a saw thumb in comparison to other designs and whilst Jynx may be powerful due to its Psychic and Ice type nature, it’s repulsive look places her at number eight.

7) Electrode

After evolving from Voltorb, the sprite hardly changes. With the colours inverted and a smile added to Electrode, it really is a lazy half-hearted creation.

6) Exeggcute

Exeggcute is just plain weird. A group of sentient eggs that should logically evolve into a bird type, but instead, evolve into an even weirder looking tree. I don’t understand why Exeggcute was ever created and so this Pokémon lands at number six.

5) Dugtrio

If we’re considering Electrode as a lazy design, then I don’t know how to describe Dugtrio. The only difference from Diglet is there are now three of them and they grew slightly taller. I, mean really? Was there any thought put into this evolution?

4) Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime is an even worse looking humanoid design than Jynx. The worst part? You have to trade an Abra with an NPC to get it; it can’t be caught in the wild. Mr. Mime literally shouldn’t even be considered as Pokémon.

3) Tentacool

Tentacool was truly a thorn in everyone’s side. It was near impossible to go for a quick surf and not run into one. Let’s not forget it’s annoying wrap move. Actually, on second thought, let’s just forget about Tentacool forever.

2) Rattata

A rat Pokémon… there is no inspiration behind this one at all. Not only that, we were all persistently bugged by copious amounts of Rattata’s for the first portion of the game.

1) Zubat

A natural choice. Zubat, takes the crown as the worst one of them all from the original games. Let’s be honest here, were there any wild encounter that were worse than bumping into a Zubat? They were everywhere. We all know countless repels were used to get a breather from the hell of encountering one every two seconds.

Honourable Mention: Magikarp

There couldn’t really be a list of the worst Pokémon without a Magikarp feature. It’s evolution to Gyrados is the ONLY reason Magikarp doesn’t rank in the top 10, though it may just well come in at number 11.

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