KT Rolster’s Curse: A History Of Falling At The Final World Championship Hurdle

Luck isn’t something normally used to describe a League of Legends team’s success, yet in the case of KT Rolster, it’s hard to find a more suitable term.

KT Rolster has an indecipherable record for choking in games where victory would send them to the World Championships.

Irrelevant of how well the LCK regular season has played out for the Korean heavyweights, when it comes to Worlds qualification matches, it’s a safe bet to assume KT Rolster will choke under pressure.

The majority of these critical losses have been to their rival team, SK Telecom T1, with SKT dealing them 7 out of 11 losses in qualification matches.

The start of the team’s ‘World Championship Denial Curse’ can be traced all the way back to the Season 3 qualifiers, where the team, then known as KT Bullets, suffering a reverse sweep at the hands of none other than SK Telecom T1.

Leading by two clear games and managing to lose the following three, Season 3 would certainly not be the last time the KT organisation would have to deal with the crushing embarrassment.

Season 4 did not go as planned for the organisation either, as both KT Rolster teams fell 3-0 to Jin Air in the early rounds of the playoffs.

Season 5 was a turning point for KT Rolster as they managed to stop a reverse sweep and beat Jin Air 3-1, at long last punching their ticket to the World Championship. Although they progressed through groups in 1st place with a 5-1 record, their journey was cut short after losing 3-1 to KOO Tigers in the quarter finals.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The disappointment of their early World Championship exit lingered with the KT Rolster organisation. After making it all the way to the Summer Split finals they would eventually lose game 5 to the same roster that had ended their tournament, the rebranded ROX Tigers.

Then making it all the way to the regional finals, the curse would haunt KT once again, falling one game victory short of worlds qualification in their 3-2 defeat to Samsung Galaxy. Dramatic changes were to come for the organisation, KT vowed to put a stop to the choking.

Some would say that KT Rolster entered 2017 with the perfect team on paper. With standout superstar players in every position, no-one predicted the new KT lineup to finish anything short of first place.

The KT Rolster super team had been built to make it to the world stage, designed to challenge their historical rivals SKT.

Despite a prolonged LCK slump, SK Telecom T1 is renowned for rising to the big occasion; KT Rolster had a two game lead over SKT and looked poised to take the series. The reigning world champions delivered the devastating reverse sweep.

In a bitter turn of events, KT fans should now channel their hopes into SKT. If KT’s conquerors manage to win the grand finals against Longzhu Gaming, it will guarantee KT’s return to worlds.

However, due to an unfortunate seeding, If SKT does not win the grand finals, then KT cannot make it to the world championship, as SKT will be the final team in the regional qualifier.

The primary cause of KT’s world championship curse is now the only team that can break it.

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