Tiger Woods’ tree trunk is all over the internet after photo hack

Tiger Woods is in the headlines once again, on a non-golf related matter. The 14-time major champion is headed to war with the website Celeb Jihad for leaking nude photos of himself.

According to TMZ, the website has leaked photos of Woods, his former girlfriend Linsday Vonn, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell. (To be fair, no one wanted to see leaked photos of Miley Cyrus, anyway)

“It is an outrageous and despicable invasion of privacy for anyone to steal and illegally publish private intimate photos,” Vonn’s representative said

Woods’ attorney, Michael Holtz, had already threatened to sue the website for his client and has demanded the naked photos be taken down from the site. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. Thousands of eyes have seen Woods’ ‘driver’ along with the other celebrities that have been exposed also.

Sources say that it was Vonn’s phone that was hacked, and not Woods’. Apparently, Woods and Vonn exchanged the pictures while they were still dating. We have to ask ourselves, what in the world was Woods thinking? Going off of his previous track record with relationships, one had to figure that the relationship between Vonn and Woods wouldn’t last forever. Which means Tiger made two glaring mistakes when sending these naughty pictures of his ‘driver’.

So the first mistake is sending the damn photos. C’mon man, we’re living in 2017 where EVERY photo that ANY celebrity takes is essentially public property or becomes it at some point. There should have been that little voice in the back of Tiger’s head saying ‘hey this is probably going to come back and bite you where the sun doesn’t shine’. That voice was ignored and the picture was sent.

Mistake number two was not making sure Vonn deleted the evidence. This isn’t some minor detail that doesn’t get addressed when a couple breaks up. Woods should have been smart and asked Vonn to get rid of the photos – or he should have gone in a deleted them himself. That would be a gutsy move, but a power move nonetheless.

He had no problem back in 2009 calling up mistresses and asking them to delete his number from their phone, so what made him forget that sort of minor detail this time around?

It’s pretty absurd how much news Tiger has made over the course of the last four months, and none of it has to do with golf. It feels like we are just watching another episode of the Kardashians very time he makes headlines.

The only problem is that these things air on ESPN where no one cares what was in Tiger’s system when he was arrested for DUI. We all know he’s in a bad place right now given his back surgeries, arrests, rehabilitation programs, and being subject to fake news.

But does this stuff have to interfere with the other sports that are going on? This isn’t even sports anymore, this is mindless celebrity gossip. People used to hope that Woods would be back on the golf course making headlines like he used to. Now those same people are just sick and tired of hearing about this epic downward spiral that has become the Tiger Woods circus.

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