Where should Justin Thomas take the Wanamaker trophy next?

It’s safe to say that Justin Thomas has just as much charisma as he does ice flowing through his veins on the golf course. The 24-year-old captured the Wanamaker trophy after putting together a miraculous-Sunday round at Quail Hollow earlier this month.

It all started with a vintage moment on the 10th hole, as Justin Thomas recreated one of golf’s most historic moments – and it was by accident of course.

Thomas has been thoroughly enjoying his time with the Wanamaker trophy. He brings it every where he goes to show it off, like a little kid who just got a new toy and wants to play with every where or sleep with it next to them at night.

We will take a look at some the places Thomas has brought the trophy and we’ll take a few guesses as to where he will bring it next.

To visit old friends 

Shortly after the PGA Championship, Thomas was invited to go to dinner with Tiger Woods. The 14-time major winner was someone Thomas looked up to so he couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that. Thomas brought a couple pals with him also, Rickie Fowler and the Wanamaker.

Woods was probably itching to snatch the trophy out of Thomas’ hands and run away with it like Shooter McGavin at the end of Happy Gilmore. Assuming Rickie Fowler would be Mr. Larson saying: “I believe that’s Mr. Thomas’.”

On the couch to snuggle

The professional golfer’s life can be a grueling one. Talk about one of the toughest jobs in the world, you have to play a sport out in the hot sun. Travel to places like Hawaii and Los Angeles. Have to go be on people’s television shows and see yourself on TV….again….and again.

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Sometimes you just need to take some personal time with someone special, curl up on the couch and binge on Game of Thrones because you need to catch up on last season after all the golf you had to play for work.

Bring it on TV

Like we said earlier, you’re forced to appear on television, it’s just another part of the job you have to deal with as a pro golfer. Hopefully, you get someone whose show is funny because then it makes life easier to sit in front of the camera and talk about yourself, and your accomplishments, and all your dreams.

Word on the street is that David Feherty guy is a good interviewer and has quite the personality. Hopefully, Thomas can land a spot on his show.

Take it for a drive

Did you know Thomas was upgraded on the Jet ride home so the trophy could have its own seat?

And who doesn’t love a nice relaxing car ride on a summer day? Thomas knew just what he was doing, strapping his new baby in so she wouldn’t get injured. Thomas better put on some shades because the sun shining off that brand new trophy could be lethal in the car.

The Gym

The other day Thomas took to snap chat and showed off his new toy at the gym with him. Not only do you have to get a nice pump on at the gym but you need to make sure all the ladies at the gym see you have a steady job outside of getting swole all the time.

Truly a power move by Thomas showing that he has a great income but that he’s a winner outside of the gym.

So what are some places Thomas could take the trophy next?

The Beach 

Nothing is more relaxing than admiring your newest trophy while relaxing in the sand and a drink in your hand. The trophy would also make for a great weight to hold down your towel when you go in the water. It will also make for a great way to find your stuff again if you take a stroll down the beach.

Spring Break

Thomas has gone on Spring Break with Fowler, Jordan Spieth and Smylie Kaufman for the last two years and he’s probably made reservations for his new ‘plus-one’ on the trip. Nothing would be more irritating to Fowler and Spieth than seeing that damn trophy the entire week considering how badly both wanted to win it.


What’s the most insane, dangerous, and unlikely thing Thomas could do with the Wanamaker? Take it skydiving of course. This isn’t out of the realm of possibility at all. As stated earlier, Thomas has a boat-load of charisma and will find ways to incorporate the Wanamaker into his daily life.

This would be the most epic thing he or anyone else could do with the trophy, no questions asked.

Although Justin Thomas may be focused on the FedEx Cup Playoffs now, there’s no doubt that this win will stay with him forever.

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