Legacy Ruined: Jon Jones in drug violation shock

The story of Jon Jones has taken yet another dark turn, and this time around there may well be no way back for the supposed ‘greatest of all-time’. The 30-year-old has reportedly tested positive for a banned substance once again, leaving his MMA future and the result of the UFC 214 main event in doubt.

Many people were sceptical as to the validity of the Cormier vs Jones rematch, given that Jon had just returned from a one-year suspension following a prior indiscretion just days before UFC 200. Of course, many fans will say ‘I told you so’ and things of that nature, but in reality Jonny Bones had the majority of us fooled this time round.

We, the general public, let our guard down and allowed ourselves to believe that the real Jon Jones was back – and now perhaps we’re having to face the reality that the real Jon Jones could well be the drug cheat that we’ve seen over the course of the last few years.

TMZ, who was the first to break the news, have claimed that their sources believe Jones tested positive for Turinabol which is an anabolic steroid. If the test proves to be accurate then Jones could be facing up to a four-year ban, which in many respects would effectively end his octagon career.

Dana White has seemingly refused to outright confirm whether or not the UFC would cut Jon for the incident, but given the pressure from fans, it seems as if he may well have no choice.

Initial reports that suggested Jones had been automatically stripped of the Light Heavyweight Championship, but as we now know White has denied those claims.

Obviously, it’s easy to say that he’s ‘innocent until proven guilty’, but when your track record is as littered with controversy as Jon’s is we aren’t holding out much hope. This would obviously throw a huge spanner in the works in terms of the LHW division, with many believing that Cormier will reclaim his position as champion by default.

The likes of Alexander Gustafsson and Brock Lesnar will be left without a chance of a big money fight yet again, and we can imagine Alexander, in particular, will be devastated given that he’s been desperate to erase the memory of his first meeting with Jones.

As we wait to hear back from USADA all we can do is speculate, but the timing will be particularly horrendous for Dana White who is currently in the midst of one of the most important working weeks of his life.

We are of course referring to the upcoming Mayweather vs McGregor fight, and one has to wonder how this will affect the UFC’s image heading into a weekend in which more eyes will be on the company than ever before.

When the dust settles we’ll be able to further analyse the situation, but for the time being, it would seem as if Jon Jones legacy as the greatest mixed martial artist that’s ever lived is in tatters.

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